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  • How do I order a firearm?
    It's actually very easy to do. You can find great deals on-line but be careful who you buy from. Make sure you check the reputation of the dealer before you send any money. We currently cannot process online payment, that will become available in the future. In the mean time, give us a call or email and we can process orders. Next, you simply have to select a dealer near you that will handle the transfer, all local dealers will know how to do this. Have the dealer send us a copy of their signed FFL. They can email a scanned version to It is best if you can have the dealer attach your name or order number with their FFL so we may process your order in a timely manner. Once we receive payment and signed copy of the FFL, we will ship the firearm to your dealer for local pickup. Again, this is a very common process. *You will still need to fill out any necessary paperwork specific for your state and pick up your firearm*
  • Does Big Ordnance offer a military/law enforcement discount?
    We do offer a military and law enforcement discount good for anything in stock. We just need you to email us from your military or law enforcement issued email address to verify. We will then email you back the discounted pricing on each build.
  • How will you ship my rifle?
    We have several years' experience in firearms wholesale logistics to dealers, police, and military with individual and bulk shipments. This experience ensures you will receive your rifle quickly.
  • Can I order a rifle in a custom color?
    We do offer custom colors on a single order basis.
  • Is there a difference between 5.56mm and .223?
    Yes, despite external dimensions being identical, 5.56 NATO ammunition is a higher pressure round than commercial .223. If your rifle is chambered in .223 only .223 should be used as using .556 NATO can create an unsafe high pressure condition. If your rifle is chambered in 5.56 NATO it is safe to fire both .223 and 5.56 NATO.
  • What ammo should I use in my rifle?
    Brand name factory brass cased ammo. We currently do not endorse any one particular type as not all ammunition produces the same results. We recommend visiting the range with a variety of ammunition and finding what best suits your rifle.
  • Can I use steel cased ammo?
    We do not recommend steel cased ammo in our rifles ever. ever ever. While in the torture test video you see online you will see steel cases flying, we do not recommend firing steel case rounds to prevent pre-mature wear.
  • What if I have product questions or want to learn more about Big Ordnance Firearms, AR-15 platforms, or anything else gun related?"
    Easy. Call us at 585-298-1008 or email us at and we will answer your questions, provide more information, or help you in any other way.
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